Monday, December 6, 2010

Behold, the Cataclysm...well kind of anyways.

Epic Debate is Epic
So, here I am, listening to the installer music, flipping a coin whether or not to change my Nelf rogue into a Worgen. I'm a bit of a min/maxer so I'm trying to look at this from a strategic standpoint, specifically for PvP. On the Nelf side, I have Nature Resistance which is kinda meh; Quickness which we like...rather we LOVE; Wisp Spirit is kind of a consolation prize like "Hey, you failed but you can beat the other dead people back to the fight"; and lastly Shadowmeld. Shadowmeld use to be fail, but now is a substantial ability. It removes you from "combat" so you can go back into your Stealth ability (assuming you have no DoTs on you). Bottom line: I love the Nelf racials right now.

Lets look at the Worgen. Aberration which is yet another meh racial; Darkflight, another gap closer like Sprint; Flayer is OK, but really no PvP benefit but good for farming and leveling a profession that is already easy to level. Finally, we have Viciousness, that increases our crit chance by 1%. Sadly, I did not have a beta key this time around so I wasn't able to try these out and see some actual numbers on this crit increase. Hence, my dilemma.

Survivability VS Damage
We face this scale in all aspects of the game (unless you roll a paladin), of survivability VS damage. In PvP anyways, you want to take down your target fast, but you want to be able to take a hit as well. That being said, I think this is exactly what Blizz wants: homogenization. We've heard them say it about classes, but races too? I think so, and now my ears perk up to hear the trade chat trolls and whiners come in about Horde racials VS Alliance racials and frankly I don't care. Pay your $25 and faction change if you don't like it. Done.

I Said All That to Say This
I'm still torn on this decision, so Taivor will remain a Nelf rogue for now. It's 1:30am here and I still have some final touches to make on my toons before I "hit the hay". Good night and good luck, see you on the other side of the Cataclysm!

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