Thursday, December 9, 2010

And Taivor the Worgen Rogue Was Born!

While mulling over whether or not to change my Nelf rogue into a Worgen, my wife had a great suggestion. She mentioned that, with all the questing and leveling changes, why not make a Worgen rogue on a different server. He would then be completely unaided and guildless, no starting money, no bags, mats, etc... Really the only advantage I have over a new player is my previous experience with the rogue class and my general knowledge of how to get around the world. Since Blizzard's new thing is bringing new people to the game AND keeping more than 30% of them past level 10, I thought I'd try seeing it through their eyes and maybe recapture some of the low-level awe that I had when I first started playing. After all, the zones are revamped and leveling is amazingly fast right now.

A Little Inspiration
I was listening to the Rawrcast podcast last night and Haf leveled his paladin in something like three days...not that I have that kind of time to invest into a new toon, but my wife has casually leveled her mage to 40 in under a month. Bear in mind too that my wife is not a veteran of the game, no level 80 toons...not even a 60. No battlegrounds for her, no instances, just straight up questing. So, I hit the looming "Change Realm" button and thus, Taivor the Worgen rogue was born. In human form, he was beat with the ugly, he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But in Worgen form, he looks like a ferocious beast, lurking in the shadows.

What About That "Other" Taivor?
My response is this: Have you tried questing in the new zones right now? I've tried playing all times of the day and can hardly get anything done. At least on Windrunner anyways, it's way too crowded. Now, if waiting for respawns is your thing, then you're probably on "cloud nine". I on the other hand am very limited in my playtime, so I want to make the most of it and still contribute to this blog. He will get his time and as a matter of fact, the amount of people in Hyjal last night was significantly fewer than daytime yesterday. UPDATE: I got home from work last night and decided to play the Nelf rogue and much to my chagrin, Hyjal had about three people questing where I was! I sat down and cranked out the quests and hit level 81. Combat Readiness should reduce a lot of the melee damage I've been taking, but doesn't appear to do anything for spell damage given the "enemy weapon strikes" part of the ability description.

What a Difference a Few Hours Makes
Reading back through this post that's been written across 24 hours, I can see my initial frustration with overcrowding, the joy that starting a new toon is, and the rekindling of my fire for my now level 81 rogue. I'm curious to see what the weekend brings as far as overcrowding in the new zones and even the starting zones. Check back later today, I should have a brief overview of the level 1-10 experience with the Worgen! As always, you can leave comments and feedback on here or hit me up on Twitter @The_Dirty_Rogue.

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