Friday, December 3, 2010


Coming to you from Ravenholdt Manor...
So, as promised in MANY tweets, here's the BLOG. Things are going to be kind of slow for the next few days while we all wait for Cataclysm. In the meantime, a little info about myself: I was introduced to WoW by a coworker who talked about it non-stop. I was more of a FPS and RTS gamer, but thought I'd give it a try. I've had a total of about 3 weeks off since then LOL. I've been playing WoW since about a month before Burning Crusade launched and my first toon was actually a Night Elf druid. At launch day though, I rolled a Draenei shammy and stuck with him until he became my first level 60, then 70 toon. I loved playing enhancement, but something wasn't quite there, I still felt like too much of a "nice guy" even while throwing down some good windfury procs and what not. I started talking to the aforementioned coworker some more and he suggested leveling a rogue. So was born Taivor, the Night Elf rogue. It was like a breath of fresh air. I began with a cookie cutter subtlety spec and spent a lot of my pre-level 40 time in the battlegrounds. Shadowstep/ambush was more or less all it took to take down the mail wearing warriors and paladins and I loved it! Fast forward through some good times at level 70 and the best looking gear ever (Merciless), and we're up to Wrath of the Lich King...ugh. Subtlety specs are a joke and let's face it, you're rolling some form of a Mutilate build because said so. Combat made a comeback with "Hack and Slash" towards the end, but I'm not a big fan of stealthy assassins with axes...a bit messy in my opinion. I still played Taivor a lot and had fun exploring the assassination tree, but I needed a break. So, the shammy got more love, and I added a DK, warlock, priest, and hunter to the list of level 80 toons with a pally tank currently at 76. OK, maybe there's a few others scattered around...I'm a bit of an altoholic.

Epic World Pwnage
Now there's a big angry aspect of death a.k.a. Deathwing that wants to nuke us all down, regardless of faction, and I can't help but want to jam a couple of poisonous daggers in his back. But first, there's a great obstacle in my way. The level 80-85 Changing that Nelf to a bloodthirsty Worgen...nope. Keeping gear up-to-date for the resurrection of the Gearscore nazis...not even close. My greatest hurdle that I need to overcome for raiding is three children with a combined age of 10 and a wife who is slowly realizing that this isn't just a run-of-the-mill console game that she's seen before. She leveled a holy-spec priest to around 50 WITHOUT heirloom gear, doing nothing but questing and that was a year or so ago. Painfully slow...but a major accomplishment for anyone. She took a bit of a break from the game and I took over the priest, we'll call it a Christmas gift. Now, she's back in the game with three pieces of heirloom gear, the new questing changes, and an OP mage class...not to mention a certain sugar daddy rogue to fund all this :D So yes, I'm a family guy. My kids, and my wife come before the game and this is very apparent by my sad armory profile lol

So You're Saying There's a Chance...
Like the rebirth of areas including Eastern Plaguelands and Desolace, Cataclysm should be resurrecting my raiding with the promise of shorter raid times. I'm in a great guild who is casually progressing content and have given me plenty of opportunities to get into raids. That being said, big shout out to Raiders of the Dawn on Windrunner!!!

I hope this post wasn't too miserably long and there will be some actual worthwhile material to come like PvE and PvP video with some screenshots, and even podcast recommendations. Stay tuned and remember: A visible rogue is a dead rogue...

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